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Selling a home can be a long and complex process, but through Jeffrey Nicholas we try to make it as
smooth as possible.


1. Find out how much your home is worth

A vital part to the moving plan is to find out what your property is worth and utilising our plethora of experience in property sales we’re best placed to  to assess the value by visiting your home. Its important to maximise your possibly most valuable asset and in the most efficient amount of time but do remember the final selling price may not necessarily be as much as the asking price – although in some cases given our expert marketing it could even be increased.   You can book a valuation by clicking the icon above or call us on 020 7354 0707.

2. Decide whether to use an estate agent

Nearly all of us trying to sell our homes do so through an agency.  Estate agents bring properties on to the market and introduce buyers.  Its important for your agent to deal with the entire sales process from start to finish and this is where we really do go out of our way to ensure your never kept wondering what’s going on and how long for.  We’ll always escort potential purchasers and always keep you fully looped on every aspect of the marketing and onward sale.

3. Prepare your home

Make sure your home looks its best for any viewings. Tidy any mess and clear unwanted clutter to maximise space. If you have time, you may wish to try to make the decoration as neutral as possible to attract buyers, and make any minor repairs such as fixing leaking taps. Also have all your household bills on hand for prospective buyers to view.  We’re happy to advise the how to stage your home and can even offer you a selection of stunning props that may assist in adding extra style to your property.

Once we believe your home is ready we’ll commence marketing and aim to introduce the right buyer at the right price within a sensible period following full launch.

4. Wait for offers

We’ll get in touch with you when an offer has been made on your property – We’ll of course tell you about every offer that is made, regardless of whether you are likely to accept it. We’ll advise you whether it is a good offer, but the final decision is up to you.

6. Accept an offer

When you are happy with an offer you can accept it “subject to survey and contract”. We will then write to you, the buyer and both sets of solicitors to confirm the property sale, and requesting that the solicitors draw up a draft contract. At this point, you do not legally have to take the property off the market, but your buyer may ask you to do so, and if the offer is good there is not much point leaving the For sale sign up.

7. Instruct a solicitor

You need to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer who will do the legal work involved in the sale. They will, for example, release details of the deeds to your buyer’s solicitors and draw up a contract of sale.  We’re happy to recommend ones we regularly work with or know are good.

8. Be prepared to let the buyer’s surveyor into your home

This will usually happen a few days after the offer has been made and will be organised through us. We’ll let you know when the surveyor is coming round, and will be able to hand over the keys so you don’t have to be in.

9. Exchanging Contracts

This is when you become legally committed to the sale. You need to sign the contract and your solicitor will do the rest. At this point the buyer should pay a deposit, usually at least 5%/10% of the sale price, to your solicitor.

10. Exchange contracts and decide on a completion date

We’ll liaise with you on the best dates and in turn with the purchasers to come to an agreement that suits all side.

11. Organise your move

You will have to move out of the property on the day the sale completes, so it’s time to book a removal van and start packing.  Recommending the right mover is something we’re happy to work with you to provide.

12. Complete

Well done – Its now pretty much all done and all that remains is for you to hand over your remaining keys and say a final farewell to your old home.

Moving with Jeffrey Nicholas should be a pleasure as opposed to a Stress and this is something we’re keen to promote throughout the entire process. After all onward recommendation for us is vital and how we’ve become so strong over two decades of assisting home owners.

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